McSweeney Assignment

The two articles use humor to show how the younger generations are relying more on technology and social media and less on reading and school work. Although doing it in a joking way, these articles show how schools should work social media and the use of the computers more into their everyday classes. Another thing these articles do is, also show the negative uses of technology and the internet, such as drunk texting or explaining “why you aren’t like your scumbag friend”. It does this to show the need for positive uses for things that have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. However, even with using these fake and humorous assignments we still see how the internet can become a writing tool for learning to write public speeches, emails, and letters. The articles names some of the websites on the ever-growing list of social media domains, showing more and more ways to get information, share it, and publish your work on. Not only does it show uses for the internet but also other forms of technological mediums such as texting and emails. The articles show how teachers shouldn’t fear social media but should embrace it as an untap source for the transporting information. Putting information on the internet is one of the fastest ways to be noticed and to spread your thoughts to a larger audience than just the classroom. By making pages on these websites you can create hubs for students to safely write and share their work, so they can grow as both writers and readers, as well as connected with students throughout the country and the world.  Also I feel one thing this article does besides show the potential uses for social media as a learning device is show what happens if we rely on it too much, it calls reading stupid and dangerous. So although I feel using these tools is a good way to enhance learning, an over reliance on it would do more harm than good.


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